BL1SHUTTLEThe Space Shuttle Endeavor Orbiter Vehicle-105 completed 25 missions into space, including the first service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope and the first mission to add a U.S.-built component to the International Space Station. 
BL2SPACEHUBThe Spacehab was an add on to the shuttle that served as a workshop for astronauts, the Spacehab gave astronauts extra room to live and work in space.
And then there was the SSME. Still the most advanced, efficient rocket engine in the world. Space shuttles main engines helped push the shuttle up to orbit. 
What, you are probably asking, has this got to do with motorcycles? TVTR riders are friends first and riders as kind of a bonus so we decided we’d like to do something totally different. With David Stephens as our organizer a Bakers dozen met at the Chatsworth train station and boarded the articulated Orange line bus headed for The California Science Museum in down town LA. At some point in time we went from that mode of transportation to the subway and then took a train for our last leg of our trip.
BLDUANEWhile on this bus, subway, train trip..our fellow rider DUANE RODMAN mentioned that he was the project manager on the “part of the shuttle where the fire comes out.” He was talking about the SSME! The most efficient rocket in the world. We were all just blown away because Duane is such a quiet fellow. Never thought of him as a celebrity but thats what he became once we got inside. He began telling us the interesting details of his project and as he did strangers kept approaching him and asking him if they could take his picture with the SSME in the background.
BL8POTTYBRKAfter learning how the astronauts peed and managed to eat food and live in that weightless environment and viewing that amazing huge hulk of the Shuttle Endeavor we’d worked up an appetite.
BLFOODHalf of us ended up at McDonalds and the rest of us had the best food Ive found out of a pre packaged display. That and a bag of chips and a drink and we were happy.BLREXTRAIN

Only one slight mishap…….As we waited for our train home Mark Olson happen to notice Rex Lehto looking out a stopped trains window and he began to shout “GET OFF ITS THE WRONG ONE!” As we all turned around there was Rex barely clearing the exit doors as the train sped away down the track. From then on all eyes were glued on our “leader” David.

BL7GRPThere are so many new riders in Tri Valley and the long train rides gave us all a chance to get to know each other. Thanks for playin everybody.



Now…….where shall our adventure be next year?


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