15 of us met on a gloomy morning the 3rd of June. Having lived in So Cal most of our lives we knew that if its gloomy here it’ll be clear at the coast. Our leader, Mark Olson, is a quiet fellow so you are never really sure how hes going to get you to your destination. This makes for a very attentive group of riders.

We meandered over twisty Box Canyon….. just out of Simi Valley…onto Valley Circle…over to Mulholland……..across on Los Virgenes and down to PCH. As we cruised down the hill to PCH we could see the promise of blue skies in the distance. A FAR distance… in Santa Monica if we were lucky.

With very little traffic Mark took it at a nice slow pace so we could take in the sea air and it wasnt long til the sun came out. There is nothing like cruising along our beautiful Pacific Ocean with its white sands dotted, now and then, by an outcropping of jagged rocks.

Even the Santa Monica Pier wasnt crowded. (those clouds must have kept folks away) We paid the $12 fee (divided by 3 bikes in each slot) and strolled down to Bubbas. Mark had warned us they dont take reservations but they took us right in…sat us all together with an ocean view to boot.

The food was wonderful…and if you are wondering why the folks are smiling in this pic its because David had muttered that he’d pay the waiter to stop talking! The waiters are full of history questions and flit around constantly asking if everything is okay. It was nice at first but got old after a while.

After lunch we walked down the pier past all the funky shops before heading home. This was a low key, laid back little ride with good food and the best of company. Thanks Mark for putting this one together for us.




  1. Very cool ride through the mountains and along the Malibu Coast the marine layer cleared just as we pulled into the Santa Monica Pier parking lot! Great ride and lunch…Thanks Mark!

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