Did life ever hand you a miserable week of stress? One where you could hardly wait til that massage on Saturday morning? You’d come out feeling like a limp rag and ready for another week?
1BLGRPBikers have a secret in that regard. Their ‘massage’ for the soul is a motorcycle. No need to travel 100s of miles or be gone for days.
It was a warm 80 degree day in the middle of March when MATT MOSHER met a group of us at the Chevron. He warned us it was only about a 100 mile ride. What he didnt warn us about was that 2BLORGBLOSit had poured down rain just weeks before so everything was like a carpet of green. As we turned a corner the strong sweet smell of orange blossoms filled the air and as if that wasnt enough he’d found a road with deer grazing in a field. Someone said later they liked riding along the ocean and someone else said WE DID?3BLOCEAN There were so many sites and sounds and smells it just flooded our senses.
He took a break up in Ojai and then we headed for Thousand Oaks and that CHILI DARREL SPARKS had been cooking up all morning. Darrel had met us at the Chevron and collected a can of chili from each rider. One couple..Mark & 4BLCHILHOSStephanie Reid…on a Harley showed up saying theyd found our web site online could they ride with us but they had no chili. Darrel assured them there would be enough and they joined us.
We got to Matt & Darrels house, right at noon, hot and hungry. He had put together 2 chilies this time. One vegetarian and one5BLCHILIVEG FULL of tri tip and olives and other goodies. They were both mouth watering delicious. There were piles of veggies and condiments you could add to the mix and…of course….corn bread muffins. Full to 6BLFLOATSthe brim Darrel announced there were root beer floats for dessert!
After lunch we sat around and visited and Darrel had us play a game where we each listed all the motorcycles we’d ever owned and their makes. David Stephens won for having owned the most bikes and Leonard Cifelli won for having ridden the longest number of years. They each got a huge bag of Starbucks coffee!
Its our well kept secret that 100 miles and some great chili works better than a massage any day of the week. Well done Matt & Darrel…..well done!
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