1FBFOXENOr…5 Harleys, a BMW, and a Goldwing with a scooter leading us ride.

JIM STAUBER is full of surprises in so many ways. Having worked for AT&T for 30 years he knows every back road in So Cal so it was a piece of cake for him to lead this great 240 mile ride up to Santa Ynez via Foxen Canyon.

4FBLESNMERTWe no more got out of the Chevron when our newest members LES & MERT MONTROSE broke down. YES it was a Harley but they had simply over filled their gas tank causing a vacuum…..well you know what that means. So we left them behind to sort it out.

With temps in the mid 70s and ready for some awesome back roads we……climbed on the freeway headed South. SURPRISE! With a short stop in Oxnard to pick up Julian (another Harley)we rode along that beautiful So Cal coast up to the 154 for our butt break/gas stop.

3BLPOPPIESThen it was up past Lake Cachuma headed for beautiful Foxen Canyon. It was difficult to pick just a few pics to post here but this one has an added bonus. Poppies!!

BLCOVERThe CBs went quiet as we meandered over a rather bumpy Foxen Canyon. Everyone seemed to be trying their best to take in the miles and miles of green pastures with that stark blue sky in the background.

Drunk on scenery Jim led us over to Santa Ynez and a little place called the Burger Barn……to find Les & Mert waiting there with tables saved for all of us! (They made lots of points for their first ride with us) Good food……….great service and the best of company.

Lunch over..Rex & Espe won in the who could be on their bike headed home first department. Must admit it was past 2 and we were hours from home. As we eyed the red lights in front of us Roy & Dorothy Kautz (on their Goldwing) decided to take the scenic route home.


Feet on the road pegs thinkin about the day and a hot bath when Jim comes on the CB and announces hes stopping in Carpenteria for Ice Cream. Id forgotten that this is Jims thing. When he leads a ride there’s ALWAYS ice cream. As the group took the off ramp the Stephens on their Harley Tri Glide smelled the barn and kept on going.

We had 4 new TVTR members on this ride……Besides Les & Mert we also welcomed PAUL FOGLE (front left in this pic)and JEFF SCHAVER (center in the back) Thanks Jim for yet another great job of leading. Who said a scooter couldnt get up and go???

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