BL1SHUTTLEThe Space Shuttle Endeavor Orbiter Vehicle-105 completed 25 missions into space, including the first service mission to the Hubble Space Telescope and the first mission to add a U.S.-built component to the International Space Station. 
BL2SPACEHUBThe Spacehab was an add on to the shuttle that served as a workshop for astronauts, the Spacehab gave astronauts extra room to live and work in space.
And then there was the SSME. Still the most advanced, efficient rocket engine in the world. Space shuttles main engines helped push the shuttle up to orbit. 
What, you are probably asking, has this got to do with motorcycles? TVTR riders are friends first and riders as kind of a bonus so we decided we’d like to do something totally different. With David Stephens as our organizer a Bakers dozen met at the Chatsworth train station and boarded the articulated Orange line bus headed for The California Science Museum in down town LA. At some point in time we went from that mode of transportation to the subway and then took a train for our last leg of our trip.
BLDUANEWhile on this bus, subway, train trip..our fellow rider DUANE RODMAN mentioned that he was the project manager on the “part of the shuttle where the fire comes out.” He was talking about the SSME! The most efficient rocket in the world. We were all just blown away because Duane is such a quiet fellow. Never thought of him as a celebrity but thats what he became once we got inside. He began telling us the interesting details of his project and as he did strangers kept approaching him and asking him if they could take his picture with the SSME in the background.
BL8POTTYBRKAfter learning how the astronauts peed and managed to eat food and live in that weightless environment and viewing that amazing huge hulk of the Shuttle Endeavor we’d worked up an appetite.
BLFOODHalf of us ended up at McDonalds and the rest of us had the best food Ive found out of a pre packaged display. That and a bag of chips and a drink and we were happy.BLREXTRAIN

Only one slight mishap…….As we waited for our train home Mark Olson happen to notice Rex Lehto looking out a stopped trains window and he began to shout “GET OFF ITS THE WRONG ONE!” As we all turned around there was Rex barely clearing the exit doors as the train sped away down the track. From then on all eyes were glued on our “leader” David.

BL7GRPThere are so many new riders in Tri Valley and the long train rides gave us all a chance to get to know each other. Thanks for playin everybody.



Now…….where shall our adventure be next year?



1BLGRPOn a bright sunny 80 degree day in Simi Valley…….24 hungry bikers managed to get themselves to the Stephens house one way or another. It was probably due to the ALL YOU CAN EAT CHICKEN N RIBS more than the fact we were celebrating our 28th year as a Simi Valley club.
With 16 riders, following close behind, David Stephens led the group out of the Sycamore Chevron and in the opposite direction of the BBQ just to keep them on their toes.
By noon BECKY MILLER and old TVTR friends DENNIS & DIANAH RILEY had found the Stephens house along with MARK & SUZANNE OLSON and MIKE & ROSEMARY ANDERSON. We were very sorry to hear GOG MILLER had had a mc accident the day before and spent his day in Los Robles Hospital with a broken femur.
2BLFOODThanks to Green Acres we had enough chicken and ribs to feed an army along with salads and a birthday cake to boot.
After lunch the fun began. Sandy had put together a mind challenging game with 13 random ride pictures over the last 2 years. The challenge was to guess what the ride was…what month is occurred and what year. With instructions not to discuss your answer with anyone the room grew quiet accept for a few that just had to…..cheat a little…then they broke up into couples. There’s no controlling this group! 🙂
5BLLEOPRIZEWith the CIFELLIS’ winning the Saddlemen tour bag and the BEHNS coming in second and winning a lighted license plate cover we’d had enough of this game playing and got down to the business of dessert!3BLCAKE6BLDAVEPRIZE
As the day ended and folks were ready to leave there was one last thing Sandy had planned. Each person was given a bead necklace as they came in but only a few had stars. Those folks each won a prize as well.Jodi kindly modeled her treasure.
A special thanks goes to David for leading the RIde……Esperanza for making sure everyone signed in…..Matt Mosher & Darrel Sparks for taking pictures and..Leonard Cifelli for being our tailgunner. A great turnout to celebrate our 28th year as a club. Here’s to many more!!



1BLJIMBRIDGETGuide Dogs of America raises, trains and supplies guide dogs at no charge to recipients across the US and Canada at a cost of about $42,000 per dog team.(guide dog and person) After doing this ride several years in a row we missed it last year so decided to try it again.
2BLLEOTALKWe’d met new TVTR riders JIM & BRIDGET WINNETT at the Chevron then they took off right away for Sylmar since they were part of Guide Dogs and had work to do there. JIM RELING another new TVTR rider joined us as well. To bad that just as we got on the bikes Matt Mosher called to say he had a flat tire half way there and couldnt make it.
3BLPARKWith Leonard & Dina Cifelli leading, 8 of us hit the paved ribbon and got to the poker run starting point in Sylmar in no time flat. Mike & Rosemary Anderson and Mark & Suzanne Olson were already there greeting us as we rode in the gate.
The lot was full of every kind of bike/trike you can imagine. Some with gorgeous custom paint down to others they call rat bikes. Eeeeeeeeeew!
6BL1STSTOPWe each got our poker paperwork stamped and David Stephens offered to lead us to the other stops and away we went. Up the 5 to Castaic Rd for our 1st Poker stop. Then 23 miles up Lake Hughes Rd to the Rock Inn and our 2nd stop……then down Bouquet Cyn 7 miles to our 3rd stop before heading back to Sylmar for FOOD! We handed in our poker hands with no one in our group winning anything.
8BLEATAs we finished our huge plates of burgers/hot dogs/potato salad/beans/chips & drinks and cookies…they announced that this was the second largest turn out ever at over 550 participants. Woo hoo!
550 riders and most everyone rode in a safe courteous manner. With that many theres always some ya hoo that doesnt follow the rules but we didnt see even one accident.
Good ride with a nice bunch of folks. Lets do this one again next year!
Thanks to Leonard Cifelli for getting us to Sylmar…David Stephens for getting us to the poker stops and Gog Miller for being our tail gunner.


On a windy day…on an impromptu ride to Wrightwood in March 2013….I was surprised with this beautiful leather purse as a thank you for my efforts here. I couldnt do it without all of you.

Thanks for your support and see you on a ride soon….and thanks to

rex[resemt Rex Lehto for your thoughtfulness.


 by David Stephens
This group of retired law enforcement guys have been riding to Tombstone in December for some 15 or so years. Its become a tradition of staying in the same motel and always paying a visit to Hook Nose Kates as well as walking the town of Tombstone.
We set out from the “Sycamore Chevron,”  a meeting spot in Simi Valley, CA. Jerry Reisinger in his gorgeous copper colored Porsche Boxster,  Dennis Riley and Roy Kautz on their Goldwings, Bill on his White Goldwing and me on my Harley Trike.
 Dennis and Roy traded off leading. With a promise of roads I hadnt seen before…we rode out on the 118 and 210 to the 10 the other side of San Bernardino. Lots of work related traffic.  At highway 62, off the 10 near Palm Springs, we swung up to 29 Palms, Joshua Tree and across 62 to Parker.
Than onto hwy 72 through Bouse, and then on 60 to Salome. Dennis took Salome Road to the 10 and then at Tonopah we were back on Salome Road again. I think he took old US 60 down to Gila Bend. Just riding along enjoying the sites without concern as to where we were going was great for a change. We spent the night at the America ’s Choice motel in Gila Bend and had dinner at the Submarine sandwich place next door.
The next morning Dennis led the ride, though clearly all of them except for me were very familiar with the route.  Most of it, after we left Parker, was new to me.  It was a great little route across the desert and will surely be the route for me from now on.
On the second day out of Gila Bend, we cut south on hwy 85 to Ajo, on to Why(that’s the name) and Sells. At 3 Points we swung south on 286, Sasabe Road and then Aravaca Road .  Lunch was at a park just outside the little town of Aravaca …cheese an apple and water. (We were saving up for Tombstone)
We continued on the Aravaca Road to Interstate 19 and turned south towards Nogales .  Just before that town we cut across on the South River Road and picked up hwy 82 just below Patagonia .. We were then on to Sonoita and on east to hwy 80 and a quick jog down to Tombstone .
We stayed at the Larian Motel. The room and the whole motel was immaculate.  The rooms are all large, each with a couch, and all the details.  This is the place to stay if you ever make it down to Tombstone .  Roy booked us in advance for 2 nights here.
After checking in we walked across the street to Hooknose Kates for the traditional beer and to sit around and tell lies. Then we walked down the street and had dinner at one of the restaurants in town.  Not bad.
Unfortunately that night Dennis got pretty sick and had to be flown out to the big University hospital in Tucson. Bill got on the phone right away and alerted his family and made arrangements for his bike to be stored at the motel until someone got there to ride it home.
On the layover day, and without Dennis as our leader/guide, Roy took over.  We rode down to Bisbee and had some coffee and a sweet roll.  Then walked the streets there looking at the antiques and doing a little people watching.  Bisbee is a unique little old mining town.  The streets are narrow and twisty, the buildings very old, most several stories high, and very Victorian looking.  It’s a must-see if you’re ever down that way.  We also rode down to the open pit Copper mine which is a huge hole in the ground.
Then Roy led us to a couple of his favorite spots. The first, a place called the San Pedro bird sanctuary(lots of hummingbird feeders), also had one of the biggest Cottonwood trees I’ve ever seen, a neat little store and an old cabin.  Then we were off to the Coronado National Monument visitor center located down near the border in a really beautiful valley up against the mountains.  This one definitely worth the ride and a look see.
From there we rode into Sierra Vista and had lunch at the local McDonalds..good ice cream cone.  Finally a nice run through some twisties back to the Larian for dinner and the end of the third day.
In the morning we rode up to the freeway and zipped over to Tucson and visited Dennis at the hospital.  Also met his wife Diana and daughter Heather.  Dennis wasnt out of the woods yet, and I think he appreciated at least a brief drop in by us.  Bill had continued on home, so it was Roy, Jerry and me at that point.  Bill had done some pretty good work, arranging to get a couple of Dennis’ friends to come out from Simi and pick up his bike.  Jerry had the rest of Dennis’ stuff in his car which we transferred into Heather’s car.
After that the three of us headed for Parker, our destination for our last night out.  Roy led us North through Phoenix , where the traffic was not as bad as I expected.  Then he cut over through Wickenburg and we swung back through Salome, Bouse and on over to Parker.
In Parker we stayed at the Bluewater Resort and Casino.  Another first for me.  This is really a nice place.  My room on the 5th floor had a balcony looking out over the Colorado River .  Real pretty spot.  We ate at a very nice little restaurant in the casino.
Then on our last day out we headed across on hwy 62 again.  Over near Joshua Tree Roy decided to take a little loop ride home, but Jerry and I decided to head for the barn.  I rode and he drove straight down to the 10. Then into town via the 210 and back home on the 118.
The weather for the trip had been excellent, with daytime temps in the mid 70’s..clear blue skies and no wind at all.  Absolutely perfect.  However when Jerry and I got down to the 10 near Palm Springs the wind was pretty fierce.  Then as we headed into the big city on the 10 we began to get some rain but not very heavy.  Jerry went on straight in Pasadena heading for his place and I continued on the 210 and then out the 118 through the Valley and into Simi.  It started to rain pretty heavy by the time I got to Chatsworth.  Going over Santa Susana pass and down into Simi it was a real rainstorm.  I didn’t want to stop and put on the rain pants so by the time I got home my jeans were soaked to the skin.  The jacket was rainproof thank goodness.
Altogether this was a very good run.  I saw a lot of places I’ve never seen, and took some new roads to me…and will return and see them again I hope.  The company was excellent and it was a good time.  I certainly feel bad about Dennis, but I know he wanted very much to do this ride, and he did make half of it.  Let’s hope he gets well enough to do some more riding. Same for Jerry. Im glad he opted to drive his Porsche rather than stay home. Its hard to keep good men down.
At this writing Im happy to report that Dennis is doing much better and will be going home soon.
Spring 2014…….and Im sad to report that Jerry Resienger has passed away as well. 2 out of the 4 that made this trip. R.I.P. Dennis & Jerry.