tiregardIve just installed this neat device on my 2012 Harley trike. It was an easy install and works great!

TireGard Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed specifically to support two, three or four tires and maximize your riding experience. Completely wireless with unique valve cap sensors for real time monitoring, this hot new item is also compact and lightweight.

TireGard comes equipped with a User-Friendly Graphic Interface that enables the rider to easily understand and maintain the motorcycle in safe condition. TireGard is fully adjustable to fit your riding style and comes with an anti-theft option.

TireGard helps maximize fuel efficiency and safety by eliminating riding on under-inflated tires. Installation is a breeze and does not require tire removal. Simply remove OEM valve cap and replace with the included valve cap sensor, turn on the handheld device and ride. We recommend use with metal valve stems.


Dog Tags

Newest idea seems to be a dog tag that has a USB connection on it…plug it in to a computer and it contains all you personal/health info for medical people responding if you’ve had an injury….  What I’d like to know is how can that help an ambulance attendant who is administering first aid at the scene?  Seems to me that if you are going to wear “dog tags” the traditional military type make more sense…with your name, blood type, allergies, etc., printed on the face of the tags…. Comments?