by Don Weyant, certified MCSI

R.I.P. Don Weyant

(Don passed away on Jan. 16th 2018 from a rare, aggressive form of cancer)

roadrashATGATT – What does this mean to you?  To me it means All the Gear All the Time.

We would hope that all riders look at this in the same light, however that is not the case.  We, as riders, see people every day riding their motorcycles in less than ideal gear.  We have seen people riding in jeans and t-shirts with sneakers.  We have seen people riding in shorts and flip flops.

I have to ask, do these riders understand how much damage your skin takes when sliding on asphalt?  At pretty much any speed, above a walking pace, you will get road rash.  As the pace increases the damage becomes more severe.  I spent 7 years as an EMT on a Trauma Life Support ambulance and I have seen road rash, 3rd degree burns, and skin and flesh being destroyed by motorcycle crashes.  These riders are putting themselves at great risk, not only from road rash but from severe burns if their legs touch the exhaust or engine.

To break down ATGATT, these would be my minimum recommendation.  Always wear a ¾ or full face helmet, a riding jacket that is either textile or leather, which should include armor as well.  Jeans or riding pants at the very least as well as over the ankle boots, and full finger gloves.   I personally will not ride in anything less than the gear described as I am required by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to wear proper gear at all times.

Most of you already wear proper gear, but for those that don’t I want you to think of your loved ones at home when you ride, because I know they want you to come home safely.

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