Normally when you start an article about some 30 year old organization youd say “From its humble beginnings.” It was anything but humble when nearly 100 GWRRA riders met at the Simi Valley Elks club in June of 1985. They were disgruntled with the local GWRRA organization and had defected so to speak.

For a year they went on rides and began to organize their own club now known as Tri Valley Touring Riders. Coming from a well known highly organized GWRRA nothing would do but to draw up “by-laws” and appoint 20 officers…. one for every aspect of TVTR. They had 3 or 4 meetings a month with a secretary taking down minutes that were read at the next meeting.

And they not only rode bikes but camped and went to plays and other social events. Their first newsletters had recipes in them and homey information about fellow riders. They werent a club so much as they were good friends just having fun.

Then in 1995 the local GWRRA got their act together and, along with some burnout I suspect, the major part of the group dropped out of TVTR and went back to GWRRA. This left TVTR in a spin with just a hand full of people left and those 50 pages of By Laws and all those rules.

They struggled along with one Director after another until finally LISA GOMES/SHERR took over in 1996. The club never caught its breath and along with that Lisa got married and was moving up North. David & Sandy Stephens had joined in 1996 and when they heard all of this continued to show up on rides. However by 1997 they showed up for a ride and no one was there.

They rode home and pondered what to do next and Sandy decided shed try to revive it. Having just beaten cancer it was the shot in the arm she needed. Something to put all her energy into. She loved the organizing part but had zip computer skills. She begged friends for help and created a web site. Back then you could do that for free and the club certainly didnt have any funds.

After 19 years we’re still thriving with about 50 “subscribers.” The $10 we charge is for the password to our website. Oh and there are no By-Laws or officers or minutes. We’re simply an all makes and models, highly organized, SOBER bunch of riding friends with rides every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month and a few over nights now and then.

Sandy still doesnt know that much about computers but with her friend Tim Sanchez’ help she manages to update it regularly.

With lunch served from Famous Daves BBQ our committee did a terrific job of putting our 30th year party together.

Wayne & Mary Spearman, Suzanne Martin, Janis & Steve Papiro, Rex Lehto, Matt Mosher, Darrel Sparks, Debra Kraus, Jim Stauber & Julian Ruelas.

TVTR members attending included..

Founding member Nardi Martinez……. Director before Sandy..Lisa Gomez/Scherr……old timers Cliff & Char Hodge and…….. former members Dana & Debbie Smith.

Thanks to all of those who helped as well as those who joined us to celebrate.



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