1BLGRPOn a bright sunny 80 degree day in Simi Valley…….24 hungry bikers managed to get themselves to the Stephens house one way or another. It was probably due to the ALL YOU CAN EAT CHICKEN N RIBS more than the fact we were celebrating our 28th year as a Simi Valley club.
With 16 riders, following close behind, David Stephens led the group out of the Sycamore Chevron and in the opposite direction of the BBQ just to keep them on their toes.
By noon BECKY MILLER and old TVTR friends DENNIS & DIANAH RILEY had found the Stephens house along with MARK & SUZANNE OLSON and MIKE & ROSEMARY ANDERSON. We were very sorry to hear GOG MILLER had had a mc accident the day before and spent his day in Los Robles Hospital with a broken femur.
2BLFOODThanks to Green Acres we had enough chicken and ribs to feed an army along with salads and a birthday cake to boot.
After lunch the fun began. Sandy had put together a mind challenging game with 13 random ride pictures over the last 2 years. The challenge was to guess what the ride was…what month is occurred and what year. With instructions not to discuss your answer with anyone the room grew quiet accept for a few that just had to…..cheat a little…then they broke up into couples. There’s no controlling this group! 🙂
5BLLEOPRIZEWith the CIFELLIS’ winning the Saddlemen tour bag and the BEHNS coming in second and winning a lighted license plate cover we’d had enough of this game playing and got down to the business of dessert!3BLCAKE6BLDAVEPRIZE
As the day ended and folks were ready to leave there was one last thing Sandy had planned. Each person was given a bead necklace as they came in but only a few had stars. Those folks each won a prize as well.Jodi kindly modeled her treasure.
A special thanks goes to David for leading the RIde……Esperanza for making sure everyone signed in…..Matt Mosher & Darrel Sparks for taking pictures and..Leonard Cifelli for being our tailgunner. A great turnout to celebrate our 28th year as a club. Here’s to many more!!


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